CMS 52 Week 5K

Weekly on Saturday Mornings

Race starts at 9AM

Register in the Science Center lobby at 8:30AM 


Race News



Worcester State College, 486 Chandler Street  Worcester, MA 01602 



Flat and fast 5K


Race Information:

No entry forms.  No applications.  No T-Shirts. No awards.  No trophies.  No ribbons. Just show up, sign up, pay up, run your tootsies off. Race times are recorded. Results are posted on the CMS website and in the CMS printed Newsletter.    Doughnuts, soda, and water available after the runs.

Races are mostly low-key, although the occasional burner shows up and smokes the field. So, be prepared!  Races are open to everybody: fast, slow, half-slow, half-fast, all races, creeds, and whatever.  Club members, non-club members. Runners, walkers, crawlers.  Humorous and dour. Happy and sad.  Big, tall, and in-between.  Under-sized forwards with unstoppable left-handed hook shots.  Even people from New Jersey. 


Entry Fee:

Entry is $3 for CMS members.  A whopping $5 for non-members.  



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Race Series Director